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SWOT Analysis to Rank Higher on Google

Google is updating its algorithm continually. In 2019 Bloggers and YouTubers is finding a new way to rank higher on Google and double their website traffic because Google never reveals its ranking algorithm.

Ranking a website is getting harder and harder. So, How to stand out in the market? How to rank a website on top of the google?

Before sharing you the superpower strategy to rank your website higher on google aka SEO SWOT Technique to rank higher on google. Few Things you must know:

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Keyword Research For SEO

Keyword Research is the most important step of SEO. Choosing the right potential keyword is very important. Now the question is how to do keyword Research smartly?


It is the best Keyword Research tool I have ever seen. When you search any keyword on google, it will tell you the competition, CPC and volume (total search per month). With the help of this super beneficial tool, you will get a rough idea of which keyword to choose or which not.

SWOT SEO Technique
Keyword Everywhere: Example to show the use of Keyword Everywhere 

2)Buzzsumo to Find Out Top Ranking Website

Again one of the most powerful tool to Analyze what content performs best for any topic or competitor. It will tell you the what kind of title, meta description and body content your competitor is using to rank their website. Simply Search your business keywords in Buzzsumo , you will get top rank content.

Now after searching your business related keywords what you need to do is to compare your content to your competitor content and find what different your competitor is doing. After Analyzing your competitor write better content. This way you can rank your website easily.

The reason I like Buzzsumo is that you can see how much a content get facebook, twitter, Pinterest, Reddit Engagement and you can also see the number of links, evergreen score, and total engagement.

SWOT Analysis to rank higher on google
Example on how Buzzsumo works

3)Keyword Planner to Find Out Relevant Keywords:

The third tool I would recommend is google keyword planner. This tool will tell you the CPC of the specific keyword, volume, Competition, average monthly searches and much more.

SWOT SEO to rank higher on google
SWOT Analysis to rank higher on google

Also, You can get a rough idea of how much clicks, an impression you will get and plus cost, CTR, average CPC, and average position of the particular keyword that you will type in.

4) Manual Search to Get Better Keywords Idea:

Most of the digital marketer I personally Know don’t prefer Manual Search but I do will. Manual Search helps in identify similar kind of keyword related to it.

Rank Higher on google using SWOT Technique

Related keywords help in finding different terms related to business. Here is the example that will crystal clear your concept: Suppose I have a Web and App development company in Y Place. So Guess what will be my business keywords or phrases.

1)Web Development Company in Y Place
2)Website Design and Development Company in Y Place
3)Website design Company in Y Place
4)Web Design and Development in Y Place
5)Web Development Services in Y Place
6)Website Designing Company in Y Place
7)Low-Cost Website design company in Y Place
8) Web Design & Development Company in Y Place
9)Custom software development in Y Place
10)Customized Software Solution in Y Place

5) Ubersuggest 3.0 to Outrank Your Competitor:

SWOT SEO Technique to rank higher on google

Ubersuggest shows you how to win the game of SEO . The ultimate SEO tool to rank higher on google. All in one tool. You don’t need any other tool. It covers everything that you need to rank your website higher on google. From keyword Ranking to competitor analysis everything is available in this ultimate tool for free of cost.

You just have to insert URL of the website and it will give details of the website like in which keyword the website is ranking for. This tool is the best way to outrank your competitor and rank higher on google.

SWOT Analysis to Rank Higher on Google | Boost Your Website Ranking
Examples to show you in which keywords website is ranking
SWOT Analysis to Rank Higher on Google
Domain Overview (Example)

6)Manual Analysis For Better User Experience:

swot seo to rank higher on google

Only by doing keyword Research will not rank your website on top of the google. A user-friendly website having good content is important. Here is a typical example that will clear all your doubts.

Manual Analysis Practical Example:

  1. No contact details highlighted on the header part of the website.
  2. No Social media buttons found on the website for the customers to redirect to your social profile.
  3. We can highlight “What We Do For You” in the place of “Can you relate to the following”
  4. No Chat option on the home page. You can add the chat option.
  5. SEO Title and Meta Description needs to be added for all the target pages in order to rank your website on Google.
  6. Need to add more Homepage content by adding business keywords. It will help you to rank your website on Google
  7. Very less content in “Know us” page, can add some more details about the company in order to build trust in customers.
  8. Dummy content found in “Website Development” page.
  9. Can add Contact details in “Let’s Connect” page. Only form is being highlighted, we can give contact details as well.
  10. We can add “Blog” Section if the blogs are ready to be publish.

Now after Completing Keyword Research, Manual Analysis, and Competitor Analysis, It’s time to talk about SWOT Analysis.

What is SWOT and How to Grow Business through SWOT Analysis?

Before deep dive into SWOT SEO, You must have a crystal clear idea about SWOT. In simple term, SWOT is nothing but a process that helps to find Strength, weakness, opportunity, and threats of anything. SWOT can be applied in business, person or anything. It is a technique that helps to grow business.

Let me tell you a typical example of how big companies use the SWOT Technique to standout in the market.

All of you are well aware of OYO Rooms, the biggest hotel chain company in India and 2nd biggest in China.

Have you ever thought why OYO Rooms is the biggest hotel chain in India? What special they did to stand out in the market? Yes, you are thinking right! It is because they apply the SWOT Technique .

Let me tell you a brief story of how Ritesh Agarwal founded OYO Rooms.

It was just after class 12, Ritesh was passionate about traveling aka he always used to travel a lot. During traveling, he used to stay in hotels. He saw people are not getting quality hotel to stay at an affordable price that was the biggest turning point for Ritesh. He found loopholes and made it an opportunity. He did SWOT Analysis to standout in the crowd. You can do it too.

So My question is have you ever done SWOT Analysis of your business? If yes comment ‘yes’ or if not comment ‘no’.

What is SWOT SEO and Why?

There is a bundle of content available in the internet in every topic that we search in. Everyone one is using Yoast SEO to rank their website on top of the google. So, the question is how to beat the competition and rank higher on google?

This is where SWOT SEO played a vital role. SWOT stands for Strengths, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threats.

SEO SWOT Analysis to Boost Website Ranking:

SWOT Analysis to rank higher on google

When we talk about SWOT Analysis for SEO, we have to look at a business’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats from an SEO perspective. If you apply SEO SWOT properly, you can rank your site easily.

SWOT Technique to understand SEO Strength:

swot seo technique to boost website ranking

Most of the blogger does not focus on competition strength. But I would always recommend, know your competitor strength first. What kind of content your competitor publish and what is the content structure of your competitor? aka What kind of title, meta-description your competitor is using to rank higher on google?

Analyze your competitor strength at a deeper level. Use Ahref tool. Ahrefs Backlink checker will show you the most complete backlink profile of your competitor website. Generate more backlink than your competitor. This way you can beat your competitor. This is the power of SWOT SEO.

Another thing you can do is to manually checkout out the digital footprint of your competitor’s website. Facebook:

Facebook is considered as one of the best social sharing Platform. Checkout your competitor facebook page. What kind of content your competitor is sharing. Google also consider social sharing sites in their ranking factor.

People Spend an Average of 35 Minutes on Facebook Each Day.

SWOT Analysis to rank higher on google
SWOT Technique to rank higher on google


Instagram is going to be the future most popular social sharing sites. And it is going to beat Facebook. It is the 2nd most popular social sharing site in 2018. Check out your competitor content and share better content for your audience. Know everything about your competitor. SWOT SEO Strategy is a powerful way to outrank your competitor and rank higher on google.

SWOT SEO to rank higher on google


Quora is the question and answer sharing platform. It is the best social forum site. Check out your competitor answer aka what kind of content your competitor is publishing in Quora. Publish Better content. This will help you to rank way better than your competitor.

SWOT SEO to rank higher on google
Quora Question (Example)
SWOT SEO to rank higher on google
Quora Answer (Example)

Your strength is your power. It will help you to put your feet in the right place. What kind of keywords do you rank well?
Do you publish quality content as per user perceptive? then it is your strength. Do you publish long quality content that go viral? then it is your strength. Do you publish content that solves your audience problem and ranks high on google? then it is your strength. What drives the most organic traffic? What are your best backlinks?

SWOT Analysis to Find out SEO Weakness:

swot seo to rank higher on google

Always remember that Growth begins when we begin to accept our own weakness aka understanding your weakness is very important. Do you get little traffic to your site?
Is your content not SEO friendly? Have you done poor off-page SEO? Do you publish duplicate content ? then it is your SEO weakness. Is your website not well optimized? then it is SEO weakness aka Google demands SEO friendly website to rank. This is why we need SWOT SEO Analysis to rank higher on google.

SWOT Analysis to Find out SEO Opportunity:

swot seo to rank higher on google

Find out the loopholes of your competitor content aka what your competitor is missing and how can you bring something new in the table?Is your competitor writing blog content less than 500 words? then You have the opportunity to write content more than 500 words. Always Read your competitor content as a user perceptive. This way you can get more ideas aka more opportunity. Is your competitor publishing 5 blog per week but not quality content? The solution is you should publish 3 quality blog content per week.

If your competitor has not done off-page SEO of their own site then You have the opportunity to do off page SEO of your own site. You can link your site to high domain authority site like Quora, SlideShare, blogger etc.
This is the best way to rank higher on google.

Always remember that Opportunity does not knock, it presents itself when you beat down the door.

SWOT Analysis to Figure out SEO Threats:

swot seo to rank higher on google

What keywords are unique to your domain but represents an opportunity to your competitor? then it is SEO Threat. Are your website not ranking on google first page due to Google algorithm update then it is SEO threat.

Note : Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first

Each Day Google Announce New Algorithms. Some Of the Algorithms Are Confirmed and Some of are Not Confirmed. That’s why we need SEO SWOT.
So let’s take a look at all major Seo Google Algorithms.

  • Google Panda
  • Google Penguin
  • Google Hummingbird
  • Pigeon Google Mobile Friendly or MobileGeddon
  • RankBrain
  • Possum Fred
  • Pirate Google EMD (Exact Match Domain)
  • Google Payday

Want to get the latest Google algorithm update, follow google official twitter handle (Google SearchLiaison).


I hope this article gave you an idea about how you can apply the SWOT Analysis Technique to rank higher on Google.

If you have any question about SEO SWOT Analysis Technique please leave a comment below!

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