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Priya asked 3 months ago

Hey guys, I am in a struggle right now and need your help.

Recently I have started instagram account related to food and can’t seem to start growing…

Prantik replied 3 months ago

. Try to set up a bot ( not to follow people, but for liking pics of those, who have recently interacted with your content)

2. Using related hashtags isn’t enough, because you won’t last long on top of each hashtag ( in case of bigger hashtag [ 1MLN +] )

3. Try have more followers than following ( making your page more professional)

4. Use Garry vee’s 1.80 $ method ( google it ) – it’s about interaction, not money.

5. You can post other people’s content and give them a credit in the description, or tag them.

6. Like other peoples comments.

7. Ask questions on your pictures ( with subtilities) and try to post a vid form time to time as they are more likely to go viral.

8. Post when people are not busy – about 7 – 10 a.m and 8-11 p.m

9. Try to collaborate and exchange content with profiles with the same following. ( ideally, with a bigger following than yours)

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