Best Marketing Strategy when Owning Similar High-Search Vol. Domains

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Anubhab asked 3 months ago

Hi everyone!

Today I purchased three domain names that are quite similar in name – each of which harvests up to 10,000 hits per month.

These are high value domains and I have no competition. I intend to create an e-commerce site to create a platform to sell to members.

The question is, I’m not sure which one of these 2 strategies would work best:

1) Create 1 site and point / redirect the other 2 domains to that site

2) Create 3 separate sites selling the same type of product

Amit replied 3 months ago

There may be more factors involved but if it was me….

I would definitely do your strategy number 1 and redirect 2 of the sites to a main website that you will keep developing. Branding and SEO efforts for 3 similar sites is a lot of extra work and may end up bringing less traffic in the long run.

I picked up an expired domain with traffic that I redirect to an authority site and it has worked for over a year. I didn’t build a site on the domain at all. If you keep up at least a minimum of maintenance on the 2 sites you may also pass along the ‘link juice’ to your main site. You could end up having some search terms rank higher and get more traffic from one optimized site than you would from 3 lower ranking sites. I don’t know if that made sense but you probably know what I mean.

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