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Rank Higher On Google

How to Rank Higher On Google?  Do you want to Know the Formula to boost your Website Ranking in 2019?  So, how will you do that?

Everybody is working harder to rank their website on top of the Google SERP.

But Have you ever thought? Why only a few of them make it possible and the rest of them get failed? Most of them don’t get fruits of their hardwork.

The simple logic behind this question is that Succesful person knows what exactly they need to do and where exactly they need to put efforts?

Here Is The 17 Proven Techniques To  Improve Google Ranking of Your Website In 2019

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1) Quality Content to Rank Higher on Google :

Note: No matter how much backlink you create , If you are not creating Valuable content , it is waste of time.

Everybody try hard to beat their competitors. They do competitor analysis, Do SEO properly, use powerful tools like search Console, Google Analytics, Yoast SEO, Keyword Everywhere, Keyword Planner etc. But still, they fail to rank their website on top of the Google SERP.

Hey, Have You ever thought why?

Because they don’t publish valuable content. They don’t try to solve their audience question. They don’t use powerful tools or websites like Quora .com,, etc. to understand their audience problem.

how to rank higher on gooogle SERP
Rank Your Website Higher on Google
Example to show how works

Remember It’s all about User Experience

Unique high-quality and updated content is very important to achieve good ranking in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. During the early days of the Internet, websites were able to achieve a high ranking easily because the competition was very low and very less content were available on the Internet. And the user did not get satisfactory answer to their query.

But In 2019, Competition is huge. Over 4 million blog posts are published on the Internet every day. Over 500 million tweets are sent every day. Over 5 billion Google searches are made every day. Google is continually updating its algorithm. Google rank any website based on various factors.  However, experts agree that the content of a website is one of the most important criteria for ranking in search engines.

How to Rank Higher on Google
Google Algorithm Update

See Always try to think as a user point of view, this way you can understand what your audience is looking for so that you can solve your audience problem. I have personally used this technique and with the help of this small and super beneficial technique, I ranked my website on top of the Google SERP (#1) within 3 Days. It sounds interesting right!

Rank Higher on Google

Let’s see what experts says about content writing.

“Here’s everything you need to know about creating killer content in 3 simple words: Clear, Concise and Compelling.” – @demianfarnworth

“Content isn’t King, it’s the Kingdom.” – @leeodden

“Content is the reason search began in the first place.” – @leeodden

“Useful & Enjoyable & Inspired = Innovative Content.” @MarketingProfs  

“Good content is not storytelling. It’s telling your story well.” –@MarketingProfs 

Here are few advantages of having a strong content for your website:

Strong content generates more sales.

Strong content helps in getting better SEO results.

A particular style of content helps your audience to recognise your brand better.

Strong content increase your chances to get your content shared more often.

What is SEO and how to rank higher on Google?

Rank your Website Higher On Google

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.
Search Engine Optimization is the process of affecting the online visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results—often referred to as “natural”, “organic”, or “earned” results.

No matter how well your content is, If you are not doing SEO properly, your website is never gonna rank higher on Google or any Search Engines. That’s the harsh reality.

Lets see what experts thinks about SEO.

“Successful SEO is not about tricking Google. It’s about PARTNERING with Google to provide the best search results for Google’s users.” – Phil Frost

“Good SEO work only gets better over time. It’s only search engine tricks that need to keep changing when the ranking algorithms change.” – Jill Whalen

On Page SEO:

If Content is the king then On-Page SEO is its soldier. Without its soldier , content can’t win the battle.

On-page SEO is the practice of optimizing individual web pages aka putting potential keywords in Title, Meta -Description and body of the targeted pages in order to rank higher On Google, Bing, Yahoo and other serach Engines and earn more relevant traffic in search engines.

2) Write SEO Friendly Title to Increase Click Through Rate:

Rank your Website Higher on Google

First Impression Is The Last Impression.

The title of your manuscript is usually the first introduction readers have to your published work. Therefore, you must select a title that grabs attention, accurately describes the contents of your manuscript and makes people want to read further.

Points to Note: No Matter how good your content is, If you are not choosing appropriate title by punching potential keyword aka SEO Friendly Title, your website won’t rank on top of Google or any search engine.

How to Write Title Tags That Increase CTR?

It’s been confirmed in the SEO world that CTR aka Click Through Rate does play some role in Google rankings. If your title is not attention-grabbing, google wil down your website ranking.

Headline Formula #1:

The Burning Question

Example of “Burning Question” Title:

Is Backlink still matter for google?

Is SEO died in 2019?

Rank your website higher on Google
Example of Burning Question Title

Headline Formula #2:

The Classic How-To

Examples of How to Title:

How to do study smartly?

How to rank higher on Google?

Example of How to Title

Headline Formula #3:

The Guide

Example of “Guide” title:

CA Course-The Complete Guide

Starting a Blog: A Complete Guide for Serious Beginners in 2019

Example of “Guide ” Title

3) Write SEO Friendly Meta Description to Increase CTR:

rank website higher on google

A meta description is a summary of up to 155-160 characters in length that describes the content of a web page. When anyone googles any keywords, the first thing they see is the title and meta description of any web pages. If it is not clicked-worthy or attention-grabbing, they will switch to other web pages.

If Content is king and On page SEO is its soldier then Yoast SEO Plugin is a tool of its soldiers.

Yoast SEO is a very powerful SEO plugin to rank higher on Google.

Rank your website using Yoast SEO

You can set up your title and meta description through Yoast SEO aka you can decide how your title and meta description will be displayed on the google search engine. That’s Interesting right! In fact, it will tell you all the process that you need to do to rank higher on Google. Every Blogger or digital marketer do use this powerful plugin to rank their website on top of the google.

How to Add Title and Meta Descriptions in WordPress?

First you need to edit a post or page where you want to add keywords and meta description. Scroll down a little to ‘Yoast SEO’ meta box below the post editor. You will see your site’s title andautomatically generated description as a snippet.

Rank your website higher on Google

4)Internal Linking in SEO:

Interlinking in SEO

Internal linking is a great way to rank your website higher on google because internal links connect your content and give Google an idea of the structure of your website aka interlinking is a linking on targeted keywords within the body text of your pages, to other pages. They can establish a hierarchy on your site, allowing you to give the most important pages and posts more link value than other, less valuable, pages. So using the right internal linking strategy can boost your SEO!

Rank Your Website Higher on Google
Yoast SEO Plugin

With the help of this super beneficial method, You can reduce your website Bounce rate. That’s Interesting right!

Secret: You can own the google front page not just # Rank 1 by Interlinking your content. Example: If you are writing a blog about how to become smart in 10 days? Write similar content like how to handle any situation and cope up problems smartly? And cross link artcicles together. This way you can own not just #1 Rank On Google but own the google front page. Interesting right!

5)Outbound Linking in SEO:

Rank Higher on Google

Before talking about Outbound Linking in SEO. I have a question.
why google will trust your website article and rank your article higher on Google or first page?
This is where Outbound linking plays a vital role to build trust.

Do Outbound Links Affect SEO?

Most of the people underestimate the power of Outbound linking but let me tell you it is very useful. I have personally used outbound linking technqiue on my article to improve my article ranking on Google. Since links point to related content, search engines like google, bing, yahoo etc. can better establish knowledge hubs on the Internet that they can use to verify the importance of a page or website aka linking out to relevant content helps search engines understand your niche, and it can increase trust in your website and hence your website ranking increases.

Rank Higher On Google
Example to show importance of Outbound Linking according to Yoast SEO plugin

6)Ensure Your Site is Super Fast:

Fact : Did You Know?
According to a study by Microsoft, the average human being now has an attention span of eight seconds. This is a sharp decrease from the average attention span of 12 seconds in the year 2000. More shocking, perhaps, is the fact that research from Jampp found that human attention span decreases by a whopping 88 percent every year.

Why you need a super fast website?

See, Your website is your business. And if you want to grow your business, You have to make your website healthy aka super fast website to grow your business fastly. You have to think as a user point of view. This way you can solve user problem.

Website speed is an important factor for the usability of a website, as well as the SEO. If your website speed is not good, the user will switch to your competitor website. We know that users hate waiting for web pages to load and that Google uses site speed as a factor for its search rankings. As a result, Google will down your website ranking.

Interseting Fact :Did you know the human attention span is shorter than a goldfish’s?

Goldfish = 9 seconds

Humans= 6-8 seconds

How to check website speed?


One of the very useful tools to check your website speed. It will tell you page size, loading time, performance grade of your website and what we need to do to improve website speed. Try it once.

Rank Your Website Higher on Google
Rank Higher On Google

b)Page Speed Insights

Website Speed matters according to google . This is why Google has its own tools to check the website speed(Page Speed Insights) and it will tell you everything that you need to do to enhance your website speed. It is most trustable and accurate tool beacuse this tool has been launched by google and google.

Boost Your Website Ranking
Mobile Version Speed
Boost Your Website Ranking
Desktop version Speed
Rank Higher On Google
Suggestion to Improve Website Speed

7)Mobile Friendly Website to Decrease Bounce Rate

Rank Higher on Google

Why Having a mobile optimized is important?

In this technology era, Mobile has become like a friend . We spend most of the time with mobile. Using Mobile has become a part of our life.

It was a time when we had to visit a cyber cafe to browse websites. After that time came when everyone had their own PC or desktop.

Till this moment there was no need to develop mobile friendly websites.

After that we saw increase in heavy hardware oriented mobiles(Smartphones) with 1-4 GB Ram, which was powerful enough that everyone could browse websites on their devices. This pattern is becoming so popular and handy that people are now freely browsing websites on mobiles much frequently than that of desktops.

If website is not user friendly, Vistors will switch to your competitor website due to which bounce rate of your website will increase and hence google will down your website ranking.

Note: No matter how good or valuable your content is, if your website is not mobile friendly, it won’t rank on top of the google.

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8)AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages) to Increase Google Ranking Quickly:

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, a Google-backed project designed as an open standard for any publisher to have pages load quickly on mobile devices. On Feb. 24, 2016, Google officially integrated AMP listings into its mobile search results.

SEO experts claim that Accelerated Mobile Pages will help you rank higher in Google, and it improves the user experience for mobile users on slow internet connections. However, they are several challenges for website owners, bloggers, and marketers. AMP uses limited set of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS .

(You can see the results after installing AMP for wordpress plugin of my website in the below given pic)

Rank Higher on Google
AMP WordPress Plugin Actvate
Boost your website ranking in Google
After Installing AMP(Mobile Version)
Rank Higher on Google
After Installing AMP(Desktop Version)

9)Image Optimization to Rank Higher on Google:

Rank your website higher on Google

When you search any anything on Google, You find different images in the image section. Have you ever wondered? why there are tons of images related to the keyword that you search in.

Yes, offcourse your are thinking right! Its because of Image Optimization aka punching targeted keyword in the “image alt tag”.

Rank Higher On google

Off Page SEO to Build High Quality Backlinks and Brand Awareness:

Off Page SEO to rank higher on google

Off-Page SEO is like the left hand of the body. For riding the bike properly, You need proper support of both hands aka you can’t clap with one hand alone.

Note: You need both on-page SEO and Off-Page SEO for the best possible results. Once you get on-page SEO right then spend your time and effort on Off-Site SEO.

Why Off Page SEO is important to rank higher on Google?

Off Page SEO is also known as Off-Site SEO.

Suppose ,You have published great content on your website but how Google will understand that your content is helpful. This is where Off Page SEO plays a crucial role.

Off Page SEO = Natural Link Building +Brand Mention

Off-Page SEO is not just for getting links but also for increasing brand awareness.

Now the question is how to create natural links?

By publishing quality content in third party site but ensure third part site should be popular aka having high domain authority.

10)Yahoo Answers to Increase Page Rank

Rank Higher on Google

One of the most popular question and answer platform having 63 Page Authority and 92 Domain Authority. People ask question and anybody can give the answer. Now the question is how to build quality backlinks from yahoo answers?

The first thing you should focus is to provide best possible answer that is unique. Checkout what kind of answer your competiors or others have written . Try to write better than them by giving examples and images.

As it is said “A picture is worth a thousand words” so try to add images in your answer . The scinetific reason behind this is human mind thinks in pictures not in words.

Examples let us relate to practical things which theory doesn’t help much.
Its breaks those words and gives meaning to it.

Note: There is unlimited content available on the Internet. If you are not publishing helpful content, It will not be considered as quality backlinks and hence you website ranking won’t go up.

11)Reddit answers to increase Website Traffic

Again one of the most popular social forum sites to build link having 61 Page Authority and 98 Domain Authority. It is bit diffrent from and because In reddit , you can give answer in the comment section.

Again you have to focus on creating quality content that gives some value to your user. The best thing of publishing content aka building link on popular site is that Google loves popular sites and hence your website google ranking increases.

12)Slideshare to Build High Quality Backlinks

Slideshare -Share what you know and love through presentations, infographics, documents and more.

It is the most popular image sharing site having 85 Page Authority and 94 Domain Authority. Always remeber that what peoples loves that google loves.

Instead of reading a text, people love to see things through presentation or image because it is easier to understand.

Since it is popular , there will be huge traffic and google will index it fastly.
It is one of the super beneficial Off Page Technique.

Note : Google Index those sites first which is more popular.Because Popular sites are more trustable.

13)Pinterest to Get Tons of Traffic

Rank Higher on Google

In 2019 , Companies are pretty much aware of this super benefital tool called Pinterest that is used for marketing purposes .

By creating compelling visual content and uploading it on Pinterest, not only will you be able to get more ROI from your content but also generate more Pinterest backlinks pointing to your site! And sooner, it is going to beat Instagram. That’s Interesting right!

14) Blogger to Improve Google Ranking

Again one of the most popular microblogging platform owned by Google. Most of the fresher genrally use this platofrom for blogging beacuse it is completely free aka no domain and hosting cost. It is 2nd most popluar blogging platform after

Add quality content that solves your audience query. Link your site on target keywords. This way, You can create quality backlink for your site.

15)Free Web Submission to Increase Google Ranking Fastly

Rank Higher on Google

Submit your site to popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex etc. Index your site easily on these search engines and get a high-quality backlink for your website.It is one of the best Off-Page SEO technique to rank higher on Google.

16)Social Networking Sites to raise Brand Awareness of Website:

Rank Your website on top of the google

Social Media Networks = Brand Awareness + Huge Traffic to your website + Quality Backlink

Fact: Over 7.2 billion people on earth out of which more than 3 billion have Internet access; more than 2.1 billion are active on social media; and 1.7 billion use social networks from a mobile device. In fact, In the future, It is going to be the best way to grow your business Online.

See, we are used to of using social media Platforms that Google is pretty much aware of.

It is true that google consider 200+ranking factors to rank your website.

Social Presence and Social Signals are one such factor which is gonna be seen by Google. Social Signals shows the quality of your website or content which makes the reader to share and follow.

Plus, these Social Media websites has a very good authority online and if your content is shared on social media platform it will build some reputation and link juice being passed which can increase your website authority. They also help in the backlinks which is essential.

Social Media sites will help you in both reaching your target audience who are present over there which can get you some qualified leads and also good for the SEO. So, Increase brand awareness , gain traffic and build quality link for your website through social media platform.

So, My question is to ‘You’, Do you use social networking sites to increase your website popularity?

Now ,For doing On Page and Off Page SEO successfully, you need the help of some tools to sharpen your Knife aka to rank higher on Google.

17)Small SEO Tool for better SEO Results

Do you need effective SEO tool which is 100% free? You must go for a Small SEO tool. It is the best tool to check your website plagiarism, SEO, Grammer, and backlink aka Plagiarism checker, website SEO score checker, backlink checker, grammar checker , keyword position and much more.

All in One tool for Digital marketers.

Now the question is why should we give so much aatention to small SEO tool?

The answer is there is lots of SEO tools available in the market . These tools are paid and not 100% gurantee that they provide accurate details. And second thing is that why we should use paid tool if we have free all in one tool(Small SEO Tool).

a)Plagiarism Checker:

Over 4 million blog posts are published on the Internet every day. There are tons of content available in the blogosphere. Google are not lacking in content.

Google wants fresh content aka unique content that give some valuable to your user. Plagiarism checker will help you to find whether your content is original or not. This tool will also let you know the exact source from your content has been copied.

Rank Higher On Google
Example to show how plagiarism checker works.

b) Keyword Suggestion Tool:

Choosing the right keywords is pretty much imoprtant in this compettive world. Keyword Suggestion tool will give an idea of what kinds of keywords you should use to rank higher on Google.

Note: You don’t need to completely rely on this tool. You have to do Keyword Research manually because this tool will give you a rough idea.

Boost website ranking
Example to show how Keyword Suggestion Tool give keyword idea.

c)Small SEO Tools Grammar Checker :

As it is said “It takes years to build trust but minutes to break”

Writing error free content is very important to build trust in your audience.
The audience won’t trust you if your content will contain grammar mistakes.

If you are a new blogger/online marketer then writing a grammar error-free content is not easy and there comes this small SEO tool to help you out.

Small SEO tools grammar checker will identify the major faults in your content so that you can correct them instantly and make your content more effective.

The tool will tell you the basic grammar errors and punctuation errors as well. The process is really simple, you just have to just copy paste your content from your editor app to this tool and it will point out the mistakes.

You don’t need to visit its site again and again. You just need to install Grammarly once in your Pc or laptop. Whenever you will write any content in any online platform, Grammarly will help you out. That’s Interesting Right!

Rank higher on Google

d)Backlink Checker:

It’s 2019 and backlinks still remain one of the most important Google ranking factors to focus on. They give Google a clear indication about how good your website is in terms of quality and relevance.

The reason marketers fail to gain the right kind of backlinks is: They don’t focus on quality content aka the content that their audience wants.

Small SEO Backlink Checker will tell you all the backlinks your competitor website has. With the help of this tool, you will be able to analyze the power of your competitor website. You need to make the strategy as per your competitor website because always remember you don’t need to be the best. You just need to be better than your competitor.

Rank Higher on Google

e) Small SEO Tool – Keyword Rank Checker

Only Writing epic content and doing Off and On Page SEO is not sufficient. You need to regualarly track your keyword Ranking. As a new blogger , your website ranking will keep fluctuate due to having low domain authority.

You have to keep patience and always track your website ranking. Small SEO Tool (Keyword Rank Checker Tool) will tell you in which keyword your website is ranking. Best technqiue to boost website ranking in 2019.

Don’t forget to update your content on regular basis to rank higher on Google.

Tips to to increase google ranking
Rank higher on google


I have shared you all the powerful ideas that works for me. Always Remember that content is king . You first need to focus on content then have to jump into On Page and Off SEO then you need to use powerful tool like Small SEO Tool to rank higher on Google.
If you have any question ,Please leave a comment below!

Book Reference: 

Ankit Mishra

Hi, This is Ankit Mishra. I am a tech lover and learner. This blog is dedicated to helping people learn about SEO.


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    With my experience, about 65% of my traffic comes from search engines, & the rest is from social sites that include referrals & direct traffic. Communicating with similar kind of blogger is the best way to get traffic. It’s just like going to relevant sites comes under the micro niche site to you and ultimately making you get the direct quality traffic to you. Anyhow, it will then affect our keyword ranking and PageRank according to the Google guidelines. To get higher search rankings, you need not only focus on SEO but other factors to make you drive more attention to readers online. Thanks for this page, that will help me a lot and for other newbies too…

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